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Form fitting, high quality Flat Caps.

Ferdinand - Beige Kapitan Flatcap

Product Features

  • A flattering, form-fitting shape snug to your head. No more bulging.
  • An elastic band hidden in the back of the flat cap to give you perfect comfort.
  • 2 sizes fitting every head. No need to know your exact sizing.
  • Super soft and breathable lining. Warm on colder days, cool in Summer. Just right.
  • The removable KAPITAN pin.
  • Handcrafted with integrity.
Ferdinand - Beige Kapitan Flatcap
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Highest Quality. Honest Prices.

We produce headwear on par with other brands that charge in the 200 to 400 Euro price range, without compromising on the quality of materials, manufacturing standards, or our commitment to fair labour and sustainability. Our belief is simple - offering customers an amazing product for a fair price. This is the cornerstone of long-term business success and it is also the right thing to do.

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16 reviews for Ferdinand(Currently all translated to English)4.8out of 5


  1. Marcel W


  2. Dominik A.

    Great service

  3. Stefan F.

    Very pleased with purchase. Cap is comfortable, look and fit is great. Customer service was great as well

  4. Felix R.

    I am always reluctant to buy hats and caps online. These caps were just what I was hoping for. The elastic band makes it fit perfectly. Solidly made and look great. I would buy from you guys again (In fact I plan too)

  5. Jan Z.

    Good quality but expensive

  6. Johann F.

    First! Love it 😎
    Just ordered, hope it arrives soon

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