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Form fitting, high quality Flat Caps.

Our Story

Every story has a beginning

This is the story of KAPITAN, a Vienna based startup that
envisioned a world with better headwear…


Flat caps have been around for a long time, and have been more or less the same. Given their popularity, there was a clear need for flat caps to be reinvented.

We are KAPITAN. We are the makers of the best flat cap there is.
KAPITAN is the only brand that specializes in the creation of high-quality flat caps exclusively. They are not just any other model to us. They are our only model.


We are best friends that love caps. But finding them has always been a challenge – poorly described on websites, either too big or too small, or just cheap material. A few lucky times, we found a good flat cap. When we did, we wore it until it fell apart.
Unfortunately, this happened quicker than we would have expected. The quality just was not meant for life. 

Know the feeling? We got you!


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