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Form fitting, high quality Flat Caps.

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Finding the perfect fit

 We strive to produce products that are equal parts beautiful, functional and comfortable.
In short, the perfect companion for your outfit


We have the highest standards. And we never, ever, cut corners. Tailored to perfectly fit your shape of head without bulging and crafted from the very best fabrics on the market. Our flat caps will be the only companion you need. For life. Period.



Our flat caps are designed for you and everyone. To elevate your outfit, regardless of which style you chose to rock today. To give you and your outfit that extra little something it was missing.
Or just brighten up your day. 

 Bad hair? No hair? No problemo.


People usually know their size. The size of their shirts, trousers, shoes. But how many know the size of their head? We didn’t. And when we did, sizing usually is very different among brands. So we decided to solve that problem. Our range comes in 2 sizes that will fit everyone, thanks to the elastic band we have hidden in the back of our caps.

WE PARTNER only WITH the best.

We work with exclusive partners that know what they are doing. Because they have done it for decades. We partnered with award-winning hat designer Klaus Mühlbauer to learn the ropes.

 Brad Pitt, Meryl Streep, Madonna oder Yoko Ono wear his stuff. Just to name a few. Does this mean they will wear KAPITAN soon? 

We certainly think so…


especially for you

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